Announcing the CHI Machine!

The CHI Machine--an Oxygenation Breakthrough!

Now there is an exercise machine that is perfect for the disabled and for patients that are on oxygen and/or have circulation problems in their feet, such as from diabetes or steroid usage.  With the revolutionary new CHI machine, you can have a low-impact workout that requires no active movement and get the aerobic benefits of a half-hour of exercise in only 10 minutes. Plus, your heart rate will decrease and your oxygen saturation level will increase by as much as three percentage points after only your first workout.

The Revolutionary New CHI Machine.

The CHI Machine operates on the principle of the "Goldfish Method"--it moves your body in the motion of the Goldfish as it swims, thus aerating its (and your) body, as has been observed by Asian researchers. There are many people discovering the benefits of the CHI Machine. It has been found, for example, to be particularly useful for Cystic Fibrosis patients. To see some actual user accounts of their CHI Machine experiences (courtesy of the Google Search Engine), click here.

Effective immediately, the CHI Machine has been replaced by the new Premium CHI Machine.  Some of the enhancements incorporated into this exciting new version are ankle supports that are deeper and one-inch wider, a reduced sound level (under 70dB), greater ground clearance for use on carpeting, a self-lubricated drive mechanism, a slightly increased ocscillation rate from 140-145 to 145-150 and a one-year warranty.

You can try this revolutionary device for two weeks in your own home at no risk whatsoever, and if not fully satisfied return it for a full refund. The cost of this durable, life-long health-giving device is only $480.00 (plus applicable state sales tax), and shipping is included! But don't ask if you can afford it--ask if you can afford not to own it. The health benefits and savings are considerable: better circulation, higher oxygen saturation levels, lower blood pressure, no expensive health club membership, less time off from work, reduced or entirely eliminated neck and back pain, and above all, a healthier heart and lungs.

There are less expensive machines sold over Cable TV that claim the same benefits of the CHI Machine, but they aren't built to the same high quality standards and don't achieve the same results. Remember, you can return the CHI Machine after two weeks if you don't agree--there is only one CHI Machine!

The Original--Sun Ancon CHI Machine.To order your Sun Ancon (Harmony) CHI Machine for $480.00 (plus applicable state sales tax), with free shipping:

1. Fill out our Online Order Form by clicking here, or

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3. Call JS Comm/Design at 610-539-5666.

We take credit cards and will ship your CHI Machine to you within 10 - 14 days.

Remember--CHI means ENERGY!

The CHI Machine in motion!

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